Septal Cartilage Graft and Septoplasty

February 2, 2017

My doctor did a septoplasty, CPT 30520, removed cartilage and fashioned it for a graft that he used in the surgical repair of vestibular stenosis, CPT 30465. Can we also code 20912 for the fashioning of the graft or just 30520 and 30465? I couldn’t find any CCI edits preventing this.

Only one code, 30520 or 20912, may be reported as these procedures were performed through the same incision. What was the reason for the incision – to straighten the septum (30520) or to obtain the graft (20912)? Use whichever code is supported by the documentation but do not use both codes. .

*This response is based on the best information available as of 02/02/17.


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