Telemedicine and Fracture Care

Telemedicine and Fracture Care

April 30, 2020

Our physician conducted a face-to-face telemedicine encounter with an established patient this week. The physician evaluated the patient who had fallen two days prior to the encounter and reviewed online X-Rays from the Urgent Care. His diagnosis was non-displaced right clavicle fracture; he agreed with the treatment plan initiated in the Urgent Care to continue the sling and provided other instructions to the patient. May we bill the E&M and 23500 for this encounter?

Thank you for your inquiry in these challenging times. KZA recommends reporting this encounter with the E&M service alone and not the fracture code. Fracture codes are not approved Telemedicine/Telehealth CPT Codes.

We wish you the best in the days and weeks ahead.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 04/30/20.

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