The Revenue Engine that Could “Think You Can” by Refining the Revenue Cycle with the Right People, Processes, and Tools

Greenbranch – May/June 2013
Kim Pollock, RN, MBA, CPC

Many physicians continue to wrestle with an economy-in-recovery and declining reimbursements. In this business climate, practices can’t afford reimbursement process mistakes and inefficiencies; they’re simply too expensive. Just a few denied surgical claims can cost a practice thousands of dollars. That’s the cost of the annual electronic health care records licence or the T1 line. Uncovering any and all opportunities to improve the speed and efficiency of getting paid can positively contribute to the bottom line. This article reiterates the basics and “best” practices for efficient revenue cycle operations. The goal is to have the right tasks performed by the right number of people at the right time and with the right tools to optimize revenue.

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