Tissue Grafting

August 23, 2018

What code do I report when a patient has a previous breast reconstruction (4 months ago) and prevents for a revision.  The physician performed fat injections in both breasts.

You would report CPT code 20926-50 (Tissue grafts, other (eg, paratenon, fat, dermis) or 20926-RT, 20926-LT depending on what your payor requires.

Per CPT Assistant 2016; FAQ’s:

“This code includes the work of harvesting the fat graft material by any method (eg, syringe, suction-assisted lipectomy, incision); closing the donor site, if indicated, and applying the appropriate dressing; processing the fat graft material; injecting the fat graft into the recipient site; and dressing the recipient site. Fat grafting involves a donor site, preparation of the graft, and a recipient site. Code 20926 is not anatomic site-specific, so it may be reported for any site when performed.”

*This response is based on the best information available as of 08/23/18.



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