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Triple C: Cerumen Coding Conundrums

Coding and Documentation for Physicians,
Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Coding, billing and getting paid for cerumen removal is one of the biggest business headaches in practices whether you’re in Otolaryngology or in primary care.  You’ll learn everything you wanted to know – and probably more – about cerumen removal coding, documenting, billing and getting paid for removing impacted cerumen!

  • The differences between the cerumen removal codes 69209 and 69210
  • when to code for removing cerumen – and when not to
  • when to use modifier 50 for bilateral cerumen removal
  • documentation requirements for 69209 and 69210
  • billing an office visit and cerumen removal on the same day
  • answers to frequently asked questions (and, boy, do we get a lot of questions!)

Detailed case scenarios will help you identify when to report cerumen removal with and without an office visit code.


Kim is a nationally recognized coding expert. Her energetic and engaging teaching style makes her a sought-after educator, trainer and speaker. Her nursing background provides her with the ability to understand both the clinical and coding attributes of a procedure. She is an expert in analyzing chart documentation and in reengineering practices to enhance the reimbursement process. Kim has worked with small and large as well as private and academic and employed practices to provide coding education as well as performed documentation reviews.


Do you think it’s easier to perform cerumen removal than code for it? This authoritative and comprehensive webinar provides answer to how to code for it, when to use a modifier, whether to bill an E/M on the same day and documentation tips that support your coding.

After watching this webinar, all of your questions about coding and documenting cerumen removal will be answered. What modifiers should you use? Can you bill an E/M on the same day? What documentation supports your coding.

If you’re looking for the final word on coding for cerumen removal, you’ve found it in this webinar. Even I couldn’t think of any other questions after watching this comprehensive and authoritative presentation.

Coding and Documentation for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
1.25 hours
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